Top Javascript Projects for Beginners

1. JavaScript Calculator

We will utilize basic HTML, CSS, and make all the segments work utilizing essential JavaScript capacities. To show fastens and numbers, we will utilize HTML, and add some beautification to them utilizing CSS. To cause the catches to play out the individual capacities we will utilize JavaScript. The fundamental capacity is eval(), which is a worldwide JS work that settles JS codes. The showcase() capacity will show the chose number on the adding machine screen. Note that the program will turn out just for mouse occasions.

2. Hangman Game

Hangman is one of our favorite games, and children and adults love it alike. You will be amazed to know that hangman can be developed in a jiffy using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Note that the main functionality is defined using JS. HTML is for display, and CSS does the job of beautifying the contents. Although there are many methods defined in the JS of this code snippet, it may seem a bit complicated, but you will realize it is simple once you go through the code. You can also run the code and see the execution line by line. Check the code and execution here.

3. Tic Tac Toe Game

As children, we used to play this game on paper endlessly. But did you know that it is quite straightforward to develop this game on the computer as well? Thanks to JavaScript. This detailed code at dev. explains how to build a 3×3 tic-tac-toe step by step, which you can later expand to NxN for your own practice and knowledge. The HTML and CSS for the project are pretty simple and neat. The author first starts with pseudocode and then goes on to explain each function one by one.

4. JavaScript Weather App

This is a useful and easy to build app to display the weather of various locations. Once the location name is changed, the weather display changes immediately without any page refresh. The UI is neat. Note that most weather apps use an API that gets the weather. We will use the popular and most common API, OpenWeatherMap. Check out this Youtube video that explains the weather app code and functionality in detail. There are three files, as usual: index.html, main.js, and main.css. Although you can put all the code in a single file (HTML), it is neater to have separate files and also easy to maintain.

5. JavaScript Music Events

Here, we introduce you to event listeners that will act on keyboard events. For example, if the ‘S’ key is pressed, what is the event that will happen? Each event will have a different code and action. Apart from event listeners, we will also learn how to add and play audio files. Note that we have added very basic CSS, as the focus here is on JavaScript. You will have to import your own sounds and background image for the program to work fully.